The Benefits of Grapes for Heart Health

The Benefits of Grapes for Heart Health

In recent years, the epidemic of heart disease and the growing number of people with Type 2 diabetes has stimulated the experimental research into the medicinal value of consuming grapes. Research has shown that including grapes in your diet may help prevent heart disease and diabetes and these benefits are linked to the phytochemicals in grapes called polyphenols. A well-known polyphenol found in grapes is called resveratrol, which has been widely linked to good heart health.
So what do grapes do to help prevent heart disease? For example, Atherosclerosis is a type of heart disease resulting in the buildup of low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol – also known as the ‘bad’ cholesterol in artery walls, especially those of the heart and brain. Atherosclerosis can cause heart attacks or strokes however, the polyphenols in grapes can help to protect you from this by supressing the process of Atherosclerosis.
Additionally, grapes have a positive effect on your blood sugar. As shown via a research carried out by BioHarvest that supported the claims that grapes have a positive effect to insulin sensitivity index and showed an improved after the consumption of grapes in this parameter.

Learn More About Polyphenols and Resveratrol

Grapes also contain a low value GI and will not increase your blood insulin level too much. This is great news as a rise in your blood sugar causes your pancreas to secrete insulin into your blood and since high insulin levels cause insulin resistance, which could develop into Type 2 diabetes, the less of an increase to insulin, the better.

Furthermore, regarding your blood lipids – or blood fats any beneficial effect of grapes on them is likely due to resveratrol. This is because resveratrol may increase the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids in your liver, which in turn, lowers the availability of cholesterol for secretion with lipoproteins into your blood
However, while grapes carry many, many benefits and can be eaten as they are, they also contain a lot of sugar and calories – less beneficially for someone who is looking to control they daily intake, which is where VINIA comes in.

VINIA contains the benefits of red grapes without any of the calories or sugar. One packet of VINIA contains 40mg of polyphenols including 5mg of resveratrol – the equivalent to eating 1,000 red grapes!
What’s more, VINIA unlike other products on the market that extract nutrients from part of the grape such as the seeds or skin, is made using the whole grape minus the sugar. This means that the polyphenols that support heart health are found in their natural state in VINIA including resveratrol.

So, to optimize your heart health today – GET VINIA HERE and make sure your heart and blood flow are always supported!