The Revolutionary Technology Behind VINIA

Unlike many products on the market, VINIA is not just your average bio-food. Supported by over a decade of research, with $35 million already invested in the product – VINIA is not something you have seen before.

With it’s revolutionary and unique platform technology VINIA mirrors nature by using the whole fruit as the source.  The red grape essence is planted into a nutritive liquid solution on a biofarm which then mirrors soil by providing the components needed for growth: vitamins, minerals, water and air just like you would find in a vineyard. The red grapes essence is then harvested and dried to remove 92% of its water content, which in turn, creates a fine burgundy fruit powder with a bouquet of polyphenols. The resveratrol polyphenol found in VINIA is the equivalent to eating 1,000 red grapes or  1 bottle of red wine, without the calories, sugar or alcohol content.

To further back it’s power, VINIA has also been clinically tested. Daily consumption of VINIA has been clinically shown to have the following biological efficacy capabilities:

Blood circulation/Vasodilation – VINIA has vasodilation power. VINIA promotes healthy blood circulation by helping increase artery/blood vessel dilation by 148% using FMD.

eNOS – As demonstrated in our In-Vitro study (Leibovitz et al. 2013) VINIA increased eNOS levels (vasodilatation) in human endothelial cells in a concentration – dependent manner. 

Anti-oxidant – VINIA significantly reduced blood lipid oxidation and free radical activity.

Heart Health – VINIA helps to maintain blood pressure already within the normal range.

Diabetes – VINIA presents unique dual benefits of improving cardiovascular function and lessening insulin resistance and diabetic parameters. VINIA also showed improvements in insulin resistance.

So, if you’re looking for a natural way to support your heart and cardiovascular health – you can do it today with VINIA, a product that has PROVEN RESULTS!

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