The VINIA Difference

There are many, many supplements on the market today that contain resveratrol; it’s almost too hard to choose which is the best one for you. But! We’re here to help so we’re going to explain the difference between VINIA and other products that contain resveratrol on the market.

Most products that contain resveratrol, have the resveratrol extracted from Polygonum which is made from the root of polygonum. VINIA is different. Our red grape powder, grown using a proprietary controlled biofarming method, which results in a diverse complex of red grape polyphenols mirrors nature. By creating VINIA using this unique technology – we offer many advantages over the traditional technologies of chemical synthesis and extraction including:

  •  Natural product of the whole matrix of red grape and wine polyphenols in their natural state without any genetic manipulation
  • Absence of solvent residuals
  • Typical taste without bitterness and astringent
  •  Natural structure of grape resveratrol
  • Homogenous and consistent product

Additionally, with its unique composition VINIA contains a complex of red grape cells from the red grape skin, flesh, pulp and seed – using the whole matrix of nutrients and polyphenols as would be found in red grapes natural state. This is a main point of difference as no other product on the market uses the entire grape; most just use the skin or seed.

VINIA does not rely on just one polyphenol, but has a diversity of polyphenols nutrients that have additive and synergistic benefits which include:

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Supporting elasticity of arteries
  • Maintaining blood pressure already within normal range
  • Fueling anti-oxidant activity
  • Supporting insulin sensitivity

Growing VINIA is the beginning of the revolutionary development of a bio-superfood journey that sets VINIA apart and in a league of it’s own next to the competition. With its clinically proven results, we invite you to come and try it for yourself.