Antioxidant Powerhouse (Need to align with Yochi and Ricardo)

VINIA is packed with antioxidants so that when you mix it into food (or combine it) it is able to extend the shelf life of the food item by up to 30%. Because of VINA’s ANTIOXIDANT POWER, it is able to reduce (or slow down) the OXIDATION PROCESS of other food ingredients it is mixed with. That's why some food companies today use this unique POWER of VINIA to not only bring great health and wellness benefits but also to extend the shelf life. Polyphenols are compounds with antioxidant activity that can be found in natural food sources. Piceid resveratrol is a polyphenol with high antioxidant activity and bioavailability found mainly in red grape skin. Antioxidants you need. No B.S. Function: Antioxidants are substances that may protect your cells against free radicals. 

Fuel anti-oxidant activity in your arteries: 

  • They give you beautiful skin, reduce muscle soreness,
  • Refuel post workout

Physical Energy + Mental Alertness. 


VINIA is packed with Super Powered Resveratrol with a Matrix of  Key Polyphenols that support energy levels. VINIA users may benefit from a significant improvement in vascular elasticity (148% on average relative to baseline). Helps blood flow and dilate arteries. The power lies in the level of resveratrol in 1000 red grapes, in just one capsule. VINIA contains piceid resveratrol and polyphenols in their natural structure, which help dilate blood vessels, as proven in clinical trials in humans. Studies show that simply taking one VINIA capsule a day for 3 months or more can significantly help improve vascular elasticity. What does this mean for you? 

  • More endurance over a longer span of time.
  • Feel better, longer. Getting up in the mornings will be that little bit easier now. Throughout the day you’ll notice longer-lasting energy. 
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular and metabolic function
  • Increase blood flow, oxygen levels, energy levels
  • Supports energy, vitality, alertness
  • Improves blood flow, increases the supply of oxygen to the tissues and organs thus improving your energy and vitality.
  • Contains the equivalent of piceaid res. of approximately 1 bottle of red wine per capsule

Highest bioavailability 

What is bioavailability? The ability of the body to absorb the active ingredient into the blood plasma.  Why does this matter? A substance will only take effect if it can be absorbed by the body, so bioavailability is the key to creating a supplement that delivers proven benefits. At VINIA, our patented technology has superior or proven bioavailability, the ability of the body to absorb that critical active ingredient into the blood plasma. Go and check your current resveratrol product and see why they MEGADOSE …If you don’t have a brand that is BIOAVAILABLE just PEE out exactly what you take in (GREAT CREATIVE OPP)


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Sustainability promise

Our sustainable technology saves the planet. We do in 3 weeks what nature does in a single year. (plus a minimum of an additional year to make wine)  The future of farming is here. Each ton of VINIA produced saves 50 acres of land. We use less energy and produce less waste. Our patented technology eliminates the use of chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals. We tread lightly on the planet. VINIA is always on the lookout for innovative ways to protect our planet from the impact of waste, chemicals, and disposable products. From production to packaging, we’re committed to leaving a small footprint. Get healthier while protecting mother nature. Our process is 100% clean, fingerprint consistency. Better for you. Better for your conscience too. Instead of traditional farming and greenhouses, we use BIOREACTORS with a Tiny footprint. We grow red grape cells in the cleanest environment possible with fingerprint consistency in  bioreactors (in liquid media) for 3 weeks.  Finally, we harvest and dry the cells. Performed once we will never need the plant again and are able to produce year round with TOTAL consistency.

1 bioreactor (the size of a man) produces the equivalent resveratrol =  10,000 square meters of land or 2.47 acres per year.

40 bioreactors - 20 bior produces 1 ton. 1 bior = 2.5 acres of land. Nutrient-packed water. We don’t use soil. 

Our agricultural biofarming technology sets us apart in a BIG way

We’re mindful farmers at our core. We grow wellness without growing the plant. We grow plant cells in nutrient-packed water minus the soil, fertiliser and of course minus the pesticides. We use bioreactors inplace of greenhouses or farms, and we produce plant cells with active ingredients that are identical to those found in nature. This revolutionary farming method mirrors nature to create a fruit powder from the parent plant. we don’t cut any corners: potent, sustainable, cost effective, eliminating as much potential for waste along the way. VINIA’s unique biofarming technology brings essential qualities and health benefits of red wine.