Get Your
Blood Flow On

The Leading Superfood from Red Grapes for Blood Flow and Circulation.

Check your blood flow

Blood flow is essential to how you think, feel and operate. Most people have poor blood flow, but they don't know it.
Do any of these sound like you?

Cold hands and feet

Numbness and tingling


Digestive issues

Cognitive issues

Lack of concentration

Joint pain or muscle cramps


Changes in skin color


Multiply the health benefits of red wine minus the alcohol, sugar, and calories. One capsule has the equivalent amount of Piceid Resveratrol as contained in a regular bottle of red wine.

Take a look inside

We harness the power of Piceid Resveratrol found in the skin of red grapes. Our breakthrough technology uses 99.99% less land than traditional agriculture. We grow grape cells that contain a matrix of bioactive molecules that contribute VINIA's efficacy.

Say hello to your
new addiction

Quick fixes cannot repair decades of wear and tear, abuse, and neglect. Your body IS NOT made for quick fixes. It’s built for lasting solutions. Fortunatly, VINIA is an easy habit you can't wait to stick to.

Blood Flow Powerhouse.

When it comes to blood flow, you’ve got science on your side. Blood delivers vital oxygen and nutrients to every cell while flushing out harmful toxins. VINIA is designed to support:

Heart health

Blood Circulation


Physical Energy

Mental Alertness

Blood Pressure

Optimum blood flow

For Every Generation

It's never too early to get your blood flow on track.

3 Month Vinia6 Months Vinia12 Months Vinia12 Month One Time

Easy to start. Easy to cancel.


90 Days to Get Your Blood Flowing. Boost nitric oxide production. Increase blood flow, circulation, and delivery of oxygen. For optimum results:

  • Take it for 90 days minimum
  • Take it daily
  • Take it in the AM


    Factors that limit blood flow

    Blood is your life force. The following factors determine how much blood flow you're getting to your brain and throughout body so you can perform your best.


    Caffeine decreases blood flow to the brain by constricting blood vessels.


    Oxygen demand increases. Stress may also reduce blood flow by constricting coronary vessels.


    12-hour Sustained Release. Boost nitric oxide production. Increase blood flow, circulation, and enjoy more energy. For optimum results:


    74% of all Americans are considered overweight or obese. Being overweight leads to a higher risk for poor circulation.

    It's time to take
    your blood flow seriously

    Most of us only pay attention to blood flow when something bad happens.
    Prevention is a mindset. Get into the flow.

    Get Flowing

    According to our Clinical Trials, VINIA increases the dilation of arteries by at least 70% in people who took it for three months, getting your blood flowing wherever it needs to go....❤️ 🦷 🍆 😉

    Heart Health

    Your heart is the hero of your operating system, delivering oxygenated blood and nutrients to every cell, tissue and organ in your body. You could be performing better. VINIA is Clinically Proven To:

    Red Grapes in the form of a heart

    Support heart health by improving blood flow and delivery of oxygen*

    Increase dilation of arteries and blood vessels*

    Support blood pressure already within normal range*

    Reduce oxidation of LDL cholesterol*

    Blood Pressure

    VINIA significantly reduces diastolic blood pressure levels. Daily consumption of VINIA also supports blood Pressure already within normal range.*

    Our clinical trial shows that VINIA supports blood pressure already within normal range.

    Change Your Blood Flow in 90 Days

    Blood flow is as essential to your body as the air you breathe. Our blood flow requires optimal nourishment to get us powering through the day. VINIA improves blood flow and delivery of oxygen, transporting vital nutrients to where they need to go. VINIA is your secret weapon to essential blood flow health.

    Whole Body Health

    When you have poor circulation, it slows or blocks the blood flow which means that the cells in your body can’t get all the oxygen and nutrients they need to function. VINIA is Clinically Proven To:

    Improve physical energy and mental alertness via the delivery of increased blood flow and oxygen to the body’s tissues and organs*

    Support blood circulation*

    Fuel antioxidants activity within your veins and arteries*

    70% Increase

    Our clinical trial shows that VINIA increases the dilation of arteries by at least 70% for each person who took VINIA daily for three months.

    FORGET THE COFFEE ($4.25/day)
    About $1/day

    1 capsule lasts up to 12 hours! Take 1 capsule each morning and even open the capsules and add to your green drinks and smoothies. Feel more alert and perform your best.

    How does VINIA Measure Up?

    It's not enough to tell you that we are the best. Take a closer look.

    VINIA Generic Resveratrol
    Plant source Vitis vinifera Japanese Knotweed
    Country of origin Israel China
    Years of Research 12 Unknown
    3rd party clinical trials Yes No
    Type of Resveratrol Piceid Trans
    Rapid Absorption Technology Yes No
    Solubility Percentage 82% 1%
    Triple Verified Product Research Yes No
    Hours remains bioactive 12 1
    Production Sustainable hydropinics Traditional Farming
    Patented Technology Yes No
    Human Clinical Trials Yes Not all
    In vitro studies Yes No