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VINIA is the only Piceid Resveratrol clinically designed to improve blood flow and oxygen levels, boosting energy and vitality levels. Backed by:

  • 12 Years of Research
  • 14 Patents
  • 8 Scientific Studies
  • 40M USD
  • 3 Clinical Trials

  • Amplify your performance

    Up to 12 hours

    Clinically proven to enhance circulation and blood flow so you can get plenty of it where and when you need it.

    Unlike man, Resveratrol is not created equally.

    VINIA is the only product on the market with Piceid Resveratrol sourced with cells harvested from the skin of the Red Grape. Regular Resveratrol is normally extracted from Polygonum and does NOT contain glucoside which helps absorption. Based on internal company experiments of Generic Resveratrol versus VINIA, we have concluded the following:

    VINIA Rapid Absorption Resveratrol Generic Resveratrol
    Plant source Vitis vinifera Japanese Knotweed
    Country of origin Israel China
    Years of Research 15 unknown
    Third Party Clinical Trials
    Type of Resveratrol Piceid Trans
    Rapid Absorption Technology
    Developed by Scientists
    Has Glucoside Structure (for Absorption)
    Sustained Release
    Solubility Percentage 82% 1%
    Triple Verified Product Research
    Hours Remains Bioactive 12 1
    Production Sustainable Hydroponics Traditional Farming
    Patented Technology
    Human Clinical Trials Not all
    In vitro studies
    Composition Whole matrix of nutrients and polyphenols found in red grape/red wine in their nature state: Polyphenols (Resveratrol, Trans Resveratrol glycoside (Piceid) Tannins, Quercetin, Catechins, Anthocyanins), Protein, Fiber One type of polyphenols found in polyganum: trans-resveratrol
    Chemical structure Original state Not original state
    BIOAVAILABILITY VERY HIGH – 2 PEAKS (after 1hr and 5hr) LOW – 1 PEAK (1 HR)

    The World of VINIA

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    Our solubility and bioavailability knows no limits. Our sustainability practices puts others to shame.


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