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Yes, you will survive without supplements but will you thrive without them? Will you be your very best, most efficient self? Probably not. Up your game. Increase your performance. Of course, it all starts with eating a healthy, balanced diet. However, taking daily supplements from a reputable source can be a great solution! So why not start with VINIA?

Have more energy/ alertness to do more, live more. More blood flow/oxygen = better quality of life. Supporting heart health 

Live More. Do More Today

Activate your healthy habits today. We know that your plate is already full and that sometimes, making even the easiest/best/most obvious decision takes a little push. We’re happy to do just that. We want you to get inspired by how your life could be and how you could feel. The good news is that some of the simplest and easiest decisions you’ll ever make lead to more vitality and overall wellness. 

It's simple with VINIA. No overpromises. just real tangible benefits. More Blood Flow and More Oxygen to your Body means More Physical Energy and Mental Alertness PLUS a whole lot of Support for your Heart via better blood circulation and supporting blood pressure within normal range. Ultimately it's a NEW YOU! A You Who can DO MORE and ACHIEVE MORE every day. Live LIFE Live VINIA.

Level of clarity, no sluggishness, no fogginess - 

(Naked) Resveratrol   VINIA Piceid Resveratrol 

Source Japanese Knotweed vs Red Grape Skin

Nature Naked vs Super Powered (armed)

Sustained Energy 1-hour vs 12-hours 

Lasts 1-hour vs All day

Number of Peaks 1 vs

Peak Time After 1 hour vs After 1 hour, 5 hours

mg/serving 500 vs

Actual absorbed <1mg vs 4.4mg

Absorption rate .2% vs 88% 

Efficacy Illusion vs Real 

Water Solubility Insoluble (Low) vs Soluble (25x more than others)

Solubility amt Low vs 25x more than Polygonum

Capsules/day 12 vs

Cost/day $12 vs $1

Clinicals No unique composition vs 4 clinicals - 5 structural function claims

Reduces BP NO vs YES

Passes through Stomach vs Blood

Bioavailable No vs Yes

Structure Isolated/NAKED vs Natural (Glucoside)

Glucoside arms Piceid Resveratrol with protection and super powers, providing it with more characteristics such as solubility (6x or 160x more soluble than ‘naked’ resveratrol), biolabaivity and efficacy. Other Resveratrol (we call it Naked) cannot get absorbed into the blood plasma, simply because its (isolated) structure is not compatible with the human body and stomach juices. Piceid Resveratrol is the ONLY form of resveratrol that can be absorbed into the blood plasma since it has preserved its natural glucoside structure. Since it’s not soluble in water, what do they do? They increase the amount of resveratrol - but guess what? It doesn’t convert. Your blood cannot absorb it. 

Resveratrol doesnt dissolve in oil and water - fat soluble 

Absorption rate,from%2030%20to%2080%20percent.

Bioavailability: the degree and rate at which a compound is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of biological activity. 

We’re sorry to tell you, but they’re liars, cheats and pirates. 

Imagine oil and water. Now imagine sugar and water. Which one actually dissolves?

water-soluble vitamin is one that dissolves in water—and as a result, is easily absorbed into the tissues of the body and metabolized more quickly than fat-soluble vitamins.

Imagine a sprinter who doesn't even make it to the finish line - he collapses midway. Now imagine a long-distance runner who has sustained endurance and energy to go the long-haul.

That’s VINIA. 

How much of your vitamins and supplements actually get absorbed?

If the structure is not natural (glucoside), it WON’T dissolve no matter how much more Resveratrol you add. They increase % res to compensate. 

Solubility = bioavailability = efficacy

'rapid absorption'

Take once a day, effective all day 

our formula acts like an IV to the blood veins - minus the IV - that's how powerful it is

How does solubility affect bioavailability? The purpose of solubility is to increase bioavailability. Only dissolved material can be absorbed across the gastrointestinal membrane and into the blood. Only soluble material can get absorbed, can deliver material.

Some companies add pepperin (which increases solubility). They use higher % resveratrol but have no solubility so NONE of it gets absorbed. Other brands use more % resveratrol to mask their inability/ineffectiveness to be absorbed into the blood.

  • Stage 1: water solubility 
  • Metabolism 
  • Efficacy 

  • VINIA dissolves in your tummy then goes into your blood plasma. And it doesn't matter how much polygonum they add, none of it gets absorbed. 

    Our 5mg goes straight to the blood = 

    Competitor 500 mg naked = much less than 4 mg gets absorbed (1 hour) smoke and mirrors.