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VINIA red grape powder is the world’s most advanced and revolutionary new superfood. Supporting heart health and blood flow, VINIA is designed to give you all the benefits found in red wine, without the calories, sugar or alcohol. With a 40mg bouquet of red grape polyphenols, including 5mg of red grape resveratrol in each serving, VINIA will improve your health and wellness, naturally.

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Product Description


Helps Prevents Disease and Strengthen the Body.
Give your body the healthy benefits of red wine by daily consumption of VINIA.
The world’s most advanced super-food developed in laboratories in Israel is rich in psychedelic
resveratrol and polyphenols found in red wine.
Materials that help improve blood flow, heart health, help prevent arteries clogging,
increase alertness and ongoing functioning.
Grape cell powder is safe to use and does not contain any sugar,
calories or alcohol present in drinking red wine.
Want to improve quality and life expectancy?
Start incorporating VINIA in your daily menu and feel better!


100% Natural 

VINIA premium red grape powder offers many of the health benefits associated with red wine and red grapes without the sugar, calories or alcohol.

Improves Blood Circulation 

VINIA improves blood circulation by helping increase artery and blood vessel dilation.

Helps Maintain Normal Blood Pressure 

VINIA promotes dilation of blood vessels to aid healthy blood circulation for people with blood pressure already within the normal range.

Fuels Anti-Oxidant Activity 

The antioxidant power of VINIA reduces free radical activity in blood vessels/arteries.

Product Features

Consume one packet daily in the morning, mixed with food, in beverages or directly from the packet. If needed for more active and intense lifestyles, consume an additional packet in the early afternoon.The packet of VINIA should be consumed shortly after opening.