Product description

VINIA  is a revolutionary bio-superfood developed by BioHarvest, a company at the forefront of Biofood technology. One packet of VINIA contains 40mg of polyphenols, including 5mg of resveratrol to support heart health and improve blood circulation.

Unlike other products that extract nutrients from part of the grape such as the seeds or the skin, VINIA is made using the whole grape without the sugar. the polyphenols found in VINIA are in their natural state including resveratrol.

One packet of VINIA contains the same amount of resveratrol found in 1,000 red grapes or 1 bottle of red wine.

Product highlights

  • One packet of VINIA has a bouquet of polyphenols (40mg) which can boost your wellbeing.
  • All the benefits of red wine without the sugars, calories and alcohol.
  • Biofarming technology – a fruit powder that is not genetically engineered (non-GMO).
  • VINIA is supported by many years of research and has been proven to support healthy blood pressure already with the normal range and blood circulation or flow. (*2)


100% Natural 

VINIA premium red grape powder offers many of the health benefits associated with red wine and red grapes without the sugar, calories or alcohol.

Improves Blood Circulation 

VINIA improves blood circulation by helping increase artery and blood vessel dilation.

Helps Maintain Normal Blood Pressure 

VINIA promotes dilation of blood vessels to aid healthy blood circulation for people with blood pressure already within normal range.

Fuels Anti-Oxidant Activity 

The antioxidant power of VINIA reduces free radical activity in blood vessels/arteries.

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to unleash the power of Nature!

More than 85 million, or 34%, of American adults have high blood pressure


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