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Red Grape Superfood

Red Grape Superfood

Grapevines produce Resveratrol, a plant compound to protect themselves. VINIA contains Piceid Resveratrol which is the most abundant form of Resveratrol found in nature. We grow your wellness without having to grow the plant.

$60M invested

15 years R&D

3 clinical studies

8 scientific studies

14 patents

Patented technology

Choose Your VINIA®

When it comes to blood flow, you’ve got science on your side.
Boost blood flow, circulation, and nitric oxide production with our red grape cell superfood.*

Select your habit based off your needs, either in capsule or coffee form.

VINIA® Supplement

Improves blood flow and boosts nitric oxide production.*

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VINIA® Superfood Coffee

Go the distance with 12-hour Sustained Release Piceid Resveratrol.

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VINIA® Superfood DECAF

Bye bye, caffeine. Hello red grape powder. Energize your life with VINIA DECAF.*

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Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Plant Based


Benefits of Daily Consumption of VINIA’s Red Grape Phytonutrients

Cardiovascular & Heart Health

Promotes dilation of blood vessels by increasing nitric oxide and reducing ET-1*

Blood Circulation

Increases delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to our cells and removal of cellular waste and toxins*

Mental Alertness and Physical Energy

Improves physical energy and mental alertness via the delivery of increased blood flow and oxygen to the body’s tissues and organs*

Blood Pressure

Supports blood pressure already within normal range*


Fuels antioxidant activity to shield your cells from oxidative damage*


Reduces oxidation of LDL cholesterol supporting blood vessel health*

70% Increase
In Arterial Dilation

Our clinical trial showed that VINIA® increased the dilation of arteries by at least 70% for each person who took VINIA® daily for 90 days.*

120%Increase in Nitric Oxide

Helping blood vessels dilate to promote proper blood flow.
Our in vitro study showed that VINIA® boosts nitric oxide production by 120%.*

in ET-1

ET-1 is a peptide that increases as you age, constricts blood vessels and slows down blood. Our in vitro study showed that VINIA® decreases Endothelin-1 by 50%.*

Our Scientific
Leadership Team

What happens when the best minds get together to produce a red grape cell powder?

VINIA contains a symphony of phytochemicals including piceid resveratrol, quercetin, and tannins that work together, as nature intended, to modulate key cellular pathways that support wellness. It's a pivotal part of my own daily regimen, along with a sensible diet and exercise.

Dr. Brian Cornblatt
Chief Medical Officer

The Piceid Resveratrol combined with the full bouquet of polyphenols from grape powder, derived through this novel bio-farming process, is far superior to the normal trans-Resveratrol supplements which are solvent-derived from Polygonum. This makes VINIA simply not comparable to a standard Resveratrol supplement.

Board Certified in Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition
Fellow, American College of Nutrition
Member of BioHarvest Sciences Inc Scientific Advisory Board

VINIA's combination of Piceid Resveratrol and other polyphenols from the red grape is scientifically proven to have optimal absorption and bioavailability resulting in vasodilatation of blood vessels.

Professor of Cardiology
Board Certified Cardiologist


Member of BioHarvest Sciences Inc
Scientific Advisory BoardBoard

The Gold Standard

VINIA provides a matrix of phytonutrients including the
King of Polyphenols, Piceid Resveratrol.

VINIA provides a matrix of phytonutrients including the King of Polyphenols, Piceid Resveratrol.



Promotes dilation of blood vessels by increasing nitric oxide and reducing ET-1*



VINIA red grape cell powder contains 100x the Piceid Resveratrol found in a red grape



VINIA's Piceid Resveratrol is 25x more soluble compared to Regular Resveratrol



VINIA's Piceid Resveratrol has a high bioavailability where it rapidly enters into your blood in 20 minutes


blood plasma

VINIA Piceid Resveratrol reaches a peak blood plasma concentration after 1 hour, and a second at 5 hours

red powder with grape

Our Process

Our patented BioFarming technology allows us to consistently harness the power of Piceid Resveratrol from red grapes.


Our technology allows us to mirror nature. We use the whole fruit as the source.


We grow cells in a nutrient-packed liquid solution needed for growth.


We harvest cells in bioreactors producing higher health-promoting phytonutrient yields.


We dry and remove 92% of water content resulting in red grape cell powder.

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4.8 Stars out of 5 from over 5499 Subscribers

We encourage all of our customers to leave honest and uncensored feedback. Customers receive a 30-day supply when they submit a review, whether positive or negative.

"Increased Concentration!
My job requires very high levels of concentration, VINIA has improved my concentration levels tremendously!"

Corina D.

"VINIA all the way
I have been taking VINIA for the past 90 days and the results are amazing! Sleep good, wake up wide awake, energy up, nails growing up, more hair, alertness, no cold feet and hands and I can go on and on thanks VINIA for changing my life for better God bless you all"

Charles L.

"I count on it
I take VINIA daily. I struggle with chronic fatigue and I count on VINIA as part of my daily routine to power through. I believe there is no better supplement on the market to keep as part of my healthy lifestyle."


So far So Good! Since taking VINIA, I have noticed a significant improvement in feeling more vibrant. I wake up feeling rested and go thru-out my day feeling pretty good.

Cynthia Q.

"Better felling, all around
After taking VINIA for several months, I have a noticeable increase in energy and stamina to do outdoor work. Lower leg circulation is better, with more consistent oxygen levels while checking with an oximeter."

Darrell D.

"Life changer
My husband and I started taking VINIA and within two to three weeks noticed an improvement in how we felt. We had more energy and felt better. We have been taking it over 6 months now.

Stephanie H.

"A great product
A product that actually works, this is my 5th month taking VINIA. And I actually feel the difference it is making in how I feel throughout the day. It works just like its claims say it does. It's the first product of its type that I have taken that I can actually feel a difference."

Dan S.

"Very good product.
Since taking VINIA I have been experiencing more stamina and energy at the gym. I have increased my time and speed on the stair master. And, I have also increased my time using the treadmill"

Harvey F.

"Great Product
I am 85 years old and VINIA has done wonders for me. I have more energy and I feel 100 percent better than before. I can exercise daily without getting tired. I recommend it to any one that needs a boost."

Carolyne R.

"ENERGY is back!
I’m 63 exercise, eat healthy yet I could not make it through the day without a 30 nap after lunch. Once I started taking VINIA it took about 7 weeks before I felt the changes start to occur…"

Cindy L.

"3 months in now
I've finished 3 months with VINIA now and am waiting for my next 3 month supply to arrive. Initially I was quite happy to begin feeling more energetic. That big boost lasted a few weeks."

Paul B.

"I Love this VINIA since the Day I tried it ! Now I quit vibing in the "fruit of the vine" 10 years ago this month, but I've always wanted to keep getting the benefits of the grapevine. "

Lowell G.

"New energy
I was impressed with the results I felt after about a week. I no longer had an afternoon lag that made me want to take a nap almost every day. I actually felt like starting a new project instead of taking a nap. I have reordered for another 3 months."

Ed S.

"Wonderful VINIA!!!
So far I have been feeling more energetic and having a clearer mind. It's good to know that it's helping your blood. I will definitely continue to take VINIA. Love that it's from a great fruit source…Grapes!"


"The clinical trials and science cannot be doubted
I have been taking VINIA for about six months and my body is starting to reflect and corroborate the science behind the clinical trials."

Bradley D.

"It has made a measurable difference...
My wife and I been taking this product faithfully now for approx. 4 months, and after our annual check-up at our Dr.'s , I can say that the results are in- a measurable positive effect has occurred!"

David B.
Decaf Decaf

Want a Midday

Check out VINIA® DECAF
A revolutionary decaf that gives you physical energy and mental alertness, not from caffeine, but from red grape cells.

The World’s Leading Plant-Cell Growth Company

The World’s Leading Company

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