We are committed to leaving a small footprint. Our sustainable technology has unparalleled advantages for the environment. Our technology uses 99.99% less land than traditional agriculture.


We've been busy harvesting red grape cells, but our story dates back 12 years ago when 3 scientists fell in love with the idea of harnessing the benefits of red wine without the sugars, calories and alcohol. They found the answer right under their nose. Trillions of grape cells can be traced back to 1 single grape.


1 We Take A Plant

We first select the desired plant that contains important active phytochemicals and then we select the part of the plant that contains the cells we desire to grow.

2 Isolate The Cell

We cut the desired cells for growth in small pieces and insert them into a nutrient-packed Petri dish that is stored in controlled temperature, light intensity and oxygen amounts that are required for the plant cells to grow. These cells, “a microcosm of nature,” contain all the components that are produced in the mother plant in their original structure.

3 Store Them

These cells grown in the Petri dish now constitute the “cells bank” that is been used for perpetual production. At this stage we have total independence of the mother plant and we will never use it again!

4 BioFarm

These plant cells, capable of growing in liquid mediums, are used perpetually for infinite production of the active ingredients in a large scale BioHarvester with industrial production. Within 3 weeks, and hence 17 cycles per year, the cells grow to reach the adequate biomass. The BioFarming process is conducted in aseptic conditions and in total compliance with all ISO and GMP requirements.

5 Harvest

In the next step, the cells that reached the adequate biomass are harvested and dried into a final powder form containing the desired active phytochemicalsm, known as VINIA®


With our patented technology, we consistently and effectively harness the power of Piceid Resveratrol from red grapes. We grow grape cells in nutrient-packed water eliminating the need for soil, fertilizer, fungicides, and of course, pesticides.


Imagine a world where aging doesn't exist. Kind of like being frozen in time, so you're unchanged and untouched over years. Well, that's what we did with the grape. We multiplied the cells from the original source, the parent plant - in our case "a single grape" that was plucked from a small town located smack dab in the center of the Holy Land. We often refer to our first grape as the "Holy Grape" for this reason. We keep the original cell at the same age, constantly. So it doesn't age, not today, not yesterday and not tomorrow.


BioHarvest's inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report details the Company's performance and ongoing commitment to creating a sustainable future.


Product: Promoting pure well-being by providing fully traceable, science-based and innovative products with proven health benefits that improve the well-being of our customers.


Process: Demonstrating the minimal footprint of our production process while striving to reduce any adverse impact on water use, climate, and the environment.


People: Supporting our people by treating them with the utmost respect, the safest working conditions and allowing them to develop and thrive in the workplace.


Governance: Setting the standard for end-to-end sustainability, ethical marketing, business ethics, and transparency in our industry.


We grow wellness without growing the plant. VINIA is committed to further reducing our environmental footprint.

Blood flowing in blood circle

LESS TIME: In 3 weeks, we accomplish what nature does in 1 year.

LESS WASTE No chemicals, no hazardous waste, no direct greenhouse gases "GHG" emissions.

LESS ENERGY: 87% lower energy use than regular industrial production of Resveratrol.

SAVES LAND: 99.99% less land than traditional agriculture.

TINY FOOTPRINT: Instead of farms and greenhouses, we grow red grape cells in the cleanest environment possible.

BIODEGRADABLE: No solvents or pesticides in our manufacturing process, resulting in 100% biodegradable wastewater.

FINGERPRINT CONSISTENCY: Performed once we will never need the plant again and are able to produce year round with total consistency.


Sustainability has always been at the core of VINIA, with our BioFarming technology allowing us to produce active plant ingredients without having to grow the plant itself. BioHarvest's inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report details the Company's performance and ongoing commitment to creating a sustainable future. Our technology: uses 99.99% less land than traditional agriculture, produces zero Scope 1 or direct GHG emissions in the BioFarming manufacturing process, uses no solvents or pesticides in the manufacturing process, resulting in wastewater that is 100% biodegradable and contains no chemicals, and produces no hazardous waste in the BioFarming manufacturing process.


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