Nature has the ability to protect itself, but we need help. With our patented BioFarming technology, we extract nature's raw benefits minus the alcohol, sugars, and calories. Nature does it best, but we do it better for you.

Nature meets science

We dug through the science so you don’t have to.
Grapevines have the ability to shield themselves against the cold, wind, and rain to live for up to 100 years. Their secret: Resveratrol. A plant compound the vine produces to protect itself. Man needs a little help and that's where science comes in. We grow your wellness without having to grow the plant.

We talk a big game.
we have the data to back it up.


Our test results demonstrate that VINIA® is 82% soluble compared to regular Resveratrol at 1%.


VINIA® enters the bloodstream in 20 minutes and last for 12 hours.


VINIA® has 3 peer-reviewed studies, 8 scientific studies, 14 patents.


Our test results demonstrate that 4.92mg of the 6mg of Piceid Resveratrol in each 400mg capsule is easily absorbed into the intestinal tract.


Our clinical trial demonstrates that VINIA® increases the dilation of arteries by at least 70% after 12 weeks.

Our process

Our patented BioFarming technology allows us to consistently and effectively harness the power of Piceid Resveratrol from red grapes. We isolate cells from a single red grape and reproduce them over and over — without having to use another plant! We combine them with an entire matrix of polyphenols in their natural state, having unparalleled advantages for the environment.

The Parent Grape

Our technology allows us to mirror nature. We use the whole fruit as the source.

Liquid Solution

We grow cells in a nutrient-packed liquid solution needed for growth.

Biofarm production

We harvest cells and a mixture of polyphenols (red grape essence).

Red Grape Powder

We dry and remove 92% of water content resulting in polyphenol-packed powder.

Vinia’s combination of Piceid Resveratrol and other polyphenols from the red grape is scientifically proven to have optimal absorption and bioavailability resulting in vasodilatation of blood vessels. This has the effect of enhancing blood flow to tissues and organs in the body and the potential to help millions of people.

Dennis Goodman MD

Professor of Cardiology
Board Certified Cardiologist
Member of BioHarvest Sciences Inc Scientific Advisory Board

Our superior structure

  1. We grow grape cells that contain a matrix of bioactive molecules called Polyphenols that contribute VINIA®’s efficacy.
  2. VINIA® contains 6 mg Rapid Absorption Piceid Resveratrol.
  3. VINIA® is the only product with Piceid Resveratrol sourced from the skin of the Red Grape.
  4. Piceid Resveratrol is attached to a sugar molecule, known as glucoside, which greatly enhances VINIA®’s solubility.
  5. Our tests show that Piceid Resveratrol has 82% solubility and is easily absorbed in your intestinal tract.

What is Resveratrol?

Well, first off, it's pronounced rez-vera-trawl. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant found in red grapes. Plants produce Resveratrol naturally to defend against disease and injury. Resveratrol also provides powerful benefits to humans as well.

This is a great product with a wonderful sustainability story as well. The piceid resveratrol combined with the full bouquet of polyphenols from grape extract, derived through this novel bio-farming process, is far superior to the normal trans-resveratrol supplements which are solvent-derived from Polygonum. This makes VINIA simply not comparable to a standard resveratrol supplement. As an experienced functional and integrative physician and nutritionist seeing patients with complex chronic problems, I have found VINIA to be very effective and valuable.

Dr. David Brady

Board Certified in Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition
Fellow, American College of Nutrition
Member of BioHarvest Sciences Inc Scientific Advisory Board


Can you imagine fueling your body with a weed? Neither could we. Which is why we looked elsewhere for the source of a true superfood: the Holy Grape. Grapes have endured thousands of years just so we could thrive, So why don’t we harvest Resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese Knotweed is listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the world's worst invasive species. Its invasive root system is known for destroying driveways, concrete foundations, buildings, and roads. We couldn’t imagine ingesting this destructive weed and neither should you.


Whether you’re looking to problem solve or support your long-term health, VINIA® has been shown to:

  • Support heart health by improving blood flow and delivery of oxygen*
  • Increase dilation of arteries and blood vessels*
  • Support blood pressure already within normal range*
  • Improve physical energy and mental alertness via the delivery of increased blood flow and oxygen to the body’s tissues and organs*
  • Support blood circulation*
  • Fuel antioxidants activity within your veins and arteries*

Our clinical trial shows that VINIA® increases the dilation of arteries by at least 70% for each person who took VINIA® daily for three months.

Our clinical trial shows that VINIA® supports blood pressure already within normal range.

VINIA®’s reduction of ET-1 and increase of Nitric Oxide results in an increase in the dilation of arteries, improved blood flow, and delivery of oxygen & nutrients to the body’s tissue and organs.


Here at VINIA®, our in-house team of committed scientists and researchers harness the power of nature through science.

Dr. Yochi Hagay

Founder and Chief Scientist

Dr. Malkit Azachi

VP of Research and Development

Raya Schleizer

Research Assistant

Dr. Sharon Vigodman

Director of Research and Development

Our team of scientists and experts are on a mission to transform your mornings into a healthy ritual.