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We collaborated with the top medical animator, David Bolinsky to bring VINIA to life. David was Medical Director of the groundbreaking, award-winning film series ‘The Inner Life of the Cell’ for Harvard’s Molecular and Cellular Biology Department.


Let's take a closer look into the magical world of bioavailability, the ease with which a supplement can influence cellular function. Solubility determines the time it takes a bioactive supplement to be transported from your intestine to your bloodstream. VINIA’s Piceid Resveratrol begins entering the bloodstream on average only 20 minutes after ingestion and its initial bioavailability reaches a peak blood plasma level after approximately one hour. VINIA reaches a second peak at about five hours, remaining bioactive in your blood plasma for 12 hours, which greatly enhances its beneficial effects. In comparison, poorly soluble regular Resveratrol has a single peak at 1-2 hours followed by a rapid clearing from the blood plasma.


Impressive solubility

In the case of Resveratrol, not all is created equal. There are 2 major active types of Resveratrol. VINIA is the only product on the market with Piceid Resveratrol sourced with cells harvested from the skin of the Red Grape.

VINIA’s Power of

There are 2 major active types of Resveratrol. VINIA is the only product on the market with Piceid Resveratrol sourced with cells harvested from the skin of the Red Grape. Piceid Resveratrol is attached to a sugar molecule, known as a glucoside, which greatly enhances VINIA’s solubility. The grape cells grown by BioHarvest also contain a matrix of related bioactive molecules called Polyphenols that contribute to VINIA’s beneficial effects. Regular Resveratrol contains NO glucoside to help absorption. Piceid Resveratrol is 25 times more soluble in water than regular Resveratrol. Supercharged Piceid Resveratrol from VINIA has approximately 82% solubility. This means that 4.9mg of the 6 mg of Piceid Resveratrol in each 400mg VINIA capsule is soluble. Our testing of regular Resveratrol has demonstrated that less than 1mg is soluble, even with a mega dose serving of 500mg.

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VINIA increases Nitric Oxide & reduces Endothelin-1. Increases blood flow to heart, brain and tissues. The net affect is increased blood flow, enhanced energy and mental alertness.


VINIA is easily absorbed in the blood, where it has the ability to improve your blood flow balance. Endothelin-1, which causes vessel constriction, is harmful in excess. VINIA reduces ET-1 simultaneously VINIA raises Nitric Oxide allowing arteries to relax and dilate, increasing the volume of blood flow. The beneficial result of VINIA’s double action effect of reduction in ET-1 and added N-O boost is an increase in the dilation of your arteries. This improved vascular activity increases blood flow to your brain, heart, and tissues and supplies them with more oxygen and nutrients.

top medical animator
david bolinksy

We collaborated with the top medical animator, David Bolinsky, to bring VINIA to life. David is an accomplished and award-winning medical illustrator and animator whose pioneering career in digital animation spans 34 years. After holding the position of Senior Medical Illustrator at the Yale School of Medicine, David founded Advanced Imaging, Inc. (1984), the world’s first digital medical animation company and in 2000 co-founded XVIVO Scientific Animation. Major clients included global corporations such as Merck, Genentech, Novartis, and Pfizer; museums such as the Smithsonian and Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry; DARPA; the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and universities such as Yale, Johns Hopkins and Harvard.


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